MUSP – Scientific Research and Prototyping

Today we introduce the MUSP LABORATORY which was born in Piacenza at the end of 2005.

A Laboratory dedicated to the study of machine tools and production systems, whose aims are research, training and support to companies in the sector to support their competitiveness, an example of concrete collaboration between institutions, companies and universities to offer know – how and services to the Italian mechanical manufacturing industries.

Over 10 years of experience in carrying out research projects in the field of machine tools, and more generally in instrumental mechanics, and in offering services by applying cutting-edge techniques and with a multidisciplinary approach.

MUSP is a qualified innovation partner to support companies by offering fully customized services which, starting from the specific skills of the Laboratory, aim to solve the needs of innovation and development of products / processes, guaranteeing an increase in the technological level and company performance with consequent better positioning on the reference markets.

What are the services that MUSP can offer?

  • Search for application-oriented solutions: scientific approach to problem identification
  • FEA and CFD simulation, topological or parametric optimization and multi-domain modeling
  • Customer-oriented choice of the best production technologies and their optimization: chip removal, additive technologies

And plastic deformation

  • Advanced AI-based manufacturing solutions: from monitoring and control to predictive maintenance
  • Hardware and software integration for advanced real-time automation
  • Physical prototyping: from proof of concept to pre-industrialization
  • Engineering measures: data-based approach for performance evaluation (from modal analysis to temperature measurements)


Visit the headquarters and discover the skills: