Engineering and pre-assembly

We present A2 Pre-assembling & Engineering S.r.l. which was born in Piacenza in 2016 thanks to the union of different skills developed by the founding members during their job experience inside important multinational industries.

Partner of the network that has a fundamental role in transforming projects reality, creating working prototypes and putting the product on the market.

Specifically, A2 engineering design skills, thanks to the skills acquired in the management area, which are flanked by technical logistics-production skills developed in the production management area.

A2’s strength is the differentiated skills acquired over the years that allow the vision of the all-round production process and thanks to that it is able to satisfy the ever-increasing need for fast, concrete and economically advantageous by maintaining high quality standards because the growing quality is not obtained by chance but with the correct approach and the best technology.

Thanks to the skills of its team, A2 is able to give new life to a project and raise its potential by dedicating commitment and passion to its customers.

What are the services that A2 can offer?

  • Mechanical design
  • Software development
  • Product or process engineering
  • Industrialization
  • Construction of modules and tests
  • Certifications

For more information, visit website http://www.a2-srl.com/