Welcome to C.A.D DISEGNI

Today we open the doors of C.A.D. DISEGNI, a design and mechanical engineering studio which has focused on innovation and the growth of young talents, transforming this into its strength.

This has led in nearly 30 years of activity to create a close-knit team of about 30 professionals with multidisciplinary skills applied in a multisectoral landscape.

The design work is combined with continuous innovation, to always guarantee high levels of quality, guaranteed by the skills of diversified and highly specialized internal teams, made up of technicians and engineers.

Each team follows a different mechanical sector, carrying out in addition to complete projects also the design of individual components.

In many years of experience C.A.D. DISEGNI  has acquired a wealth of different mechanisms, drives, methodologies and operating principles to draw on for each job required.

The advanced design experience, applying the various disciplines and operating in different sectors has allowed us to address the needs of customers with a totally different perspective from the usual one, both in Italy and abroad,

What are the services that C.A.D DISEGNI can offer?

Design and Mechanical Engineering: design know-how at the customer’s service;

3D modeling: accurate sizing to achieve the highest level of quality and precision of the models;

2D drawing: creation of drawing documents to support the design;

Project Management: management of projects, structures and the work team in a more organized manner in order to ensure set delivery times, coordination of project execution and perfect management of the resources involved and cost optimization.;

Technical Documentation: assemblies and parts that accompany and train the assembler on the product.

Advanced simulations: we subject the entire project and its parts to structural checks through FEM analysis, CFD analysis, kinematic and dynamic checks

Rendering & Animation: to illustrate the operation and handling of the machinery or product, in order to support the customer in the pre and post sales phases.

Visit the offices and discover the skills: