Business Networks

What are business networks and why collaborate with them

Although in recent years we often talk about business networks or networks, unfortunately even today the concept is not very clear or rather it is something not rooted in our entrepreneurial culture but which is making its way more and more within the industrial Italian landscape and beyond.


It is an alternative business model that leaves subjective autonomy to each participating company but is also a tool through which companies have the opportunity to achieve ambitious goals through collaboration with other parties.

Sharing common objectives, agreeing on the actions to be carried out, involving all the partners in the realization of the project, presenting oneself on the market as a single entity with multiple competences within it.


First of all, it gives the possibility to share know – how and resources to expand one’s activities and become more competitive on the market; in fact, the business network can allow Micro and SMEs to overcome the obstacles that arise from dimensional limits and reach critical mass to compete in an ever wider market, but at the same time it allows to safeguard and maintain the individuality of the company.

In fact, the establishment of a network allows to:

– increase productivity and competitiveness

– share knowledge and skills

– develop greater innovative potential, creativity and dynamism

– facilitate internationalization and enter new markets

– certify the quality of its production process

– rationalize management costs

Therefore the network must be seen as a tool that generates value for the associated companies, but at the same time it generates value and also benefits the companies that rely on its structure.

What does it mean to collaborate with a NETWORK OF ENTERPRISES?

A single entithy who provides different experiences and skills able to cover the needs of the client at 360 ° starting from the idea to get the turnkey project, thanks to the presence of several companies working in a multisectoral panorama and who make their multidisciplinary skills available.

Leaning on a network also allows you to streamline the process that is usually supported by searching for reliable and collaborative suppliers, in fact an ad hoc team is created that works closely with the client team, creating synergies that bring added value and concrete results.


TECNONET Piacentina business network is this:

7 companies, 1 single team to present itself on the market as a single entity capable of guaranteeing the entire development and engineering chain of a product, project or process.